Processing payroll slips


Our offer is full service and includes all regulatory requirements relating to employees. The service Payroll On Line thus provides for the development of all the obligations concerning the payroll: slips, 770, CUD, self-assessments Inail, labor practices and of all the telematic sending (eg: civil cases, uniemens) *. Assistance is provided and online and telephone counseling from professionals and experienced operators labor law. The service is carried out using a cutting-edge online platform that allows you to confirm or change the attendance sheet using the admissions process or by acting directly on the web. All the requirements and calculations are carried out by CAF TFDI.

Are included in the cost of the slip: The calculation of payroll, preparation of electronic files 770 and sending the same, the CUD, the Self-assessment INAIL, the operations of the work practices (eg hiring, layoffs, terminations , transformations etc.) telematic mailings to various bodies (INPS, INAIL etc.), constant updates on contracts and tables, assistance and counseling, unlimited use of the platform from any location connected to the Internet.