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Operating lease.

The operating lease is a solution that allows you, upon payment of a periodic fixed fee, to have the availability of a capital good to the exercise of their profession or business activities without acquiring the property.
This service is designed for customers seeking a flexible solution that enables a continuous technological renewal by protecting them from the risk of obsolescence of corporate assets.

The benefits of leasing:

  • liquidity maintenance;
  • significant improvement in the credit rating;
  • Planning security thanks to constant installments;
  • to-date technology;
  • also lease equipment limited by amount from 500 euro;
  • Tax benefits related to the deductibility of fees.

In partnership with the Grenke Group, a leading German company in the European and world market of leasing and rental, we have the chance ‘to deliver to our customers a service whose advantages are numerous and obvious:

  • No initial cost;
  • Canon constant over time;
  • Using the most modern and advanced systems;
  • All Inclusive Package: Hardware, Software, Installation, Training, Support, Maintenance, Data export, replacement in case of failure.

The Operating Lease is not a real Hire, it is a financial tool that makes it workable and innovative solutions allows the customer to own and use systematically latest generation products, all at affordable and consistent conditions over time. For the customer an option to focus more on your core business, on its core business and delegate, in slang Outsourcing, to professionals in the field, which the structure TDP Brands Ltd., other important but non-core activities.

Lease with option trading
The customer, in this variant, has the power to change the good even before the expiry of the lease by replacing it with the latest generation equipment. The fee remains unchanged, only the duration of the contract is extended.

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