Planet Time Enterprise

Planet Time Enterprise

Planet Time Enterprise is the detection attendance software designed and developed to provide a complete solution to public and private companies in the management of human resources. The possibility of use both in the Windows environment and in the web, together with the flexibility of configuration, make the product absolutely innovative and ideal for both simple structures that more complex realities.
Planet Time Enterprise software consists of a set of procedures for lagestione of human resources, which address all the problems that are encountered upstream of salaries.
Planet Time Enterprise has been developed taking into account the needs of reliability, performance and communication. Considerable attention was paid to the graphics and usability.
All program functions are contained within a single integrated environment and non-dispersive, in which the user can quickly retrieve all the procedures they need. This feature allows to obtain online a large amount of information without having to constantly open and close a multitude of windows. Other solutions have been introduced to speed up access to frequently used functions (toolbars) and to make the various windows easily identifiable (color and graphics use).

The structure of the project:

The main parts in which the project can be divided of the Planet Time Enterprise are:

user interface in Windows environment;
user interface in a Web environment;
Interface to the database;
Engine for database management;
relational database;
Calculation Engine;
Engine prints;
additional functional modules.
The configuration flexibility of working hours, by adding various parameters, constitute one of the strengths of the Planet Time Enterprise.
The organization chart and the monthly card form the core of the product. The operator’s activity is facilitated through the intuitive interface and the smallest detail.
The summary tables allow the immediate and consistent view of events connected to groups of employees.
Prospectus holidays, shifts, absences, anomalies, rounding, delays, canteen places and many other parameters can be analyzed with a simple glance.

The Web environment
Planet Time Enterprise features a Web form that allows the management of attendance using the intranet / internet network. The Planet Time Enterprise Web allows you to perform various operations via any web browser. Each of the authorized users can, in compliance with the functions assigned to it, simply view the data processed by software Planet Time Enterprise; insert, edit or delete time records (in this way can be delegated to managers based remote the solution of most of the anomalies that are usually encountered in stamping); you can also manually enter a justification of absence (when the request is made according to the normal procedure at the user) or in an automated way (if the employee requests it via Planet Time Enterprise Web).
The ability to configure different access profiles for each user and define the active functionality, makes the product highly flexible and suitable for every need for public and private companies.

The Planet Time Enterprise Web is therefore a very effective tool for companies:

with multiple locations and branches in Italy, in Italy and abroad;
They have different operators responsible for attendance management;
wishing to provide online information to individual employees (such as the monthly card) or managers (eg processing and printing reports);
who want to lower the chart and streamline procedures for the management of the presences.

Main feature list:


-structure tree;
-multi company;
-multi level;
-diversificazione of master data grouping levels;
Basic -data;
-diario with management of dates and events;
-up to 32 free configurable fields in table mode.


-number stampings unlimited;
supporting unlimited -number;
-suddivisione results in an unlimited number of entries;
-seganlazione stampings changed or entered manually.


-parameters of configurable computing;
-management alarms and anomalies.


-definition of the period to be processed (daily, from / to, weekly, monthly, etc.).
-complete freedom of defining the rules of the reworking of the day results.

access levels:

-management multi-user multi-level password.


-in configurable graphical environment;
-foglio attendance and printable card even with endorsement logo inail
-available numerous summary tables for individual employees or groups


direct and indirect -parametrizzazioni
-management rigid schedules, elastic and flexible;
real and virtual -timbrature;
-arrotondamenti on the stampings, on the daily monteore and breathtaking.


-possibility, subtracts and merge items;
-management meters (holidays, leave, time off, etc.).
-closing periodic counts and carry the balance forward.