Planet School

  • Planet School

    Greater efficiency in educational services through Planet School.

    When it comes to functionality, the Planet School credentials are confirmed in its adaptability. Ideal as a school lunch management system, this software is able to support all school services provided by municipalities.
    Planet School is a web based software that provides a number of general benefits to users and operators:

    general improvement in process efficiency with paper flows that are almost completely replaced IT infrastructure
    Careful monitoring by providing real-time information
    Ability to perform checks at all times from any computer connected to the Internet
    historical data archived and available for subsequent analysis

    For families:
    Ability to control, monitoring and reporting: all information is automatically available on-line, by e-mail or SMS
    Flexibility in charging the remaining credit: ability to recharge the credit online by credit card at all eligible subjects (tobacco shops, stationery shops, bars, banks, etc.) At different points of the town and at different times

    For the school:

    Control of the flow of operations
    Possibility of real-time monitoring
    elimination of inefficiencies
    The school does not have to worry about collecting, ordering, account for and report data to the common

    For the school lunch manager:

    Possibility of preparing meals based on actual daily bookings
    Possibility of advance planning based on the profiles, with the attribution of specific menus
    Possibility of monitoring and tracking operations

    About the town:

    -control Centralized process;
    -Abbattimento Paper flows;
    -availability Immediate of all service-related data: booked meals, delivered, residual credits for each user, etc .;
    -Storicizzazione And audit trail;
    -system Open and scalable for common and catering companies;
    -The Heart of Planet School system consists of the software, developed entirely in web environment. Through a simple and intuitive interface it allows you to manage all aspects affecting the sector of the Public; -Instruction.

    The inscription to the various services, which can be done either on-line or at the municipal offices, facilitates the work of operators in case management
    L ‘access to the application and its features to be activated in each subject are defined on the basis of profiles custom access
    The management of the various services can be configured based on the needs of each client (school lunch, kindergartens, transport, etc.)
    The rates applicable may be automatically managed according to levels of income, place of residence, number of children and other configurable parameters
    Payments can be operated in two modes of pre-paid and post-paid. In the first case, users shall make the advance payment and the system will scale the credit based on the performance take advantage, in the second case, each user periodically to deferred payment of services used
    To assist municipalities and users in the process of collection / payment services, Planet School provides the ability to manage collections in different modes:
    – At the municipal offices used to recovery;
    – By postal order;
    – At partner shops (stationery shops, tobacco shops, shopping centers, etc.):
    – At selected bank branches;
    – On-line by credit card;
    The web environment allows;
    – To the common use of the software on multiple computers in its offices involved in the management of the canteen and meals of school fees;
    – To each parent to be able to view online the location of their children;
    – To each school complex to access data relating only to students under its jurisdiction;
    – In the middle of cooking in real time to prepare meals according to bookings.
    The Planet School provides real-time monitoring of payments situation through specific reports, with evidence of large debit / credit of each user, with the possibility to use different channels of communication with families (email, SMS, telephone, communications written)
    Detailed statistical analysis are made possible by the availability of numerous prospects configurable in Planet School software. cash flow, number and type of meals provided, credits expiring, are just some examples of the information available with tables, graphs and prints
    The management of school meals in practice.
    Each student is assigned a personal badge. The badge can be given in custody to each student or it can stay in school. Each morning the pupil or on its behalf, the school employee in charge, makes the reservation of the meal. To this end it is sufficient to simply bring the badge to the appropriate reading terminal: a beep, and the display of the badge number on the display will confirm the success of the operation.
    Many checks are provided to handle extraordinary situations. Some examples: in the case in which multiple recordings are carried out in the same day with the same badge will be charged for the consumption of a meal only; in case you forget the badge to book the meal, or a meal, simply make a communication to the data processing center is mistakenly booked to manually insert or cancel the reservation of the meal.
    Once you have made all the reservations, they are automatically stored in the central database and will be used by both the cooking center to determine the number and type of meals to prepare, both from the data processing center for updating the remaining credit of each student. L ‘application allows the management of customized diets for all the children who need to observe a specific diet.
    No pre-paid mode, charging the remaining credit, does not differ much from that for a normal phone: simply go to a participating operators and simply provide the badge number, and select the recharge amount or the number of meals buy.
    The management of additional services
    The Planet school allows you to manage an unlimited number of services (transport, kindergartens, gymnasiums, colonies, textbooks, roles and rankings) and counting fares will be charged based on customizable rules. Services can be managed with monthly, quarterly fees, periodic or on consumption. The monitoring of the proceeds of the straight lines is facilitated. Again the web environment facilitates the availability of updated information and always available to all operators and users.