Software detection P-Time Attendance

All P-time capabilities are present on the main screen.

The main controls:







The discharge of stamping clock attendance to the personal computer may occur at pre-set times or with manual control (for details please refer to the “trexlink” communication software manual). Once the booking records were acquired on the personal computer you have to import on the attendance software. Clicking on the import stampings button displays the situation to the last discharge, by the clock.

The toolbar:






Measurements and results:

There are eight columns to record the times of entry and exit. The stampings are highlighted in different colors:

  • Black – the original booking records received by the clock attendance
  • Green – clocking manually inserted to replace the original stampings (Replaced booking records are deleted)
  • Blue – stamping manually inserted on the empty boxes
  • Dithering on red boxes – is a signal of stampings related to delayed inputs or outputs in advance of the configured parameters







This center column is highlighted the state of the day:

  • The green box indicates that the day has been prepared (the software has made the calculation based on the clocking present);
  • The yellow box indicates that the day has been blocked (even if you cancel the processing of the month, the risulatati of that day are not deleted;
  • The gray box indicates that the day has not been processed and was not locked