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Inside Planet

The evolution of the office access control, sports and recreation centers, businesses and communities.
Building on the knowledge gained through years of experience in the design and installation of access control systems, Inside Planet and the natural evolution of the proposal Proietti Planet for an integrated building automation.

Planet Inside is a system based on a software platform able to handle the needs of a modern building automation system.

Access control with the concept of openings, areas, areas and management of all essential parameters:

card expiry date, calendar and time zones, entrances to climb, etc.

waste management for employees, visitors, outside contractors, temps, etc..
Careful monitoring by providing real-time information, for easy management of issues relating to the control and safety.
Ability to perform checks at all times from any computer connected to the system, with differentiation of functions based on the permissions granted to each operator.


Ability to integrate with any burglar alarm system
Real-time monitoring
reporting and alarm management: open gate warning, attendance in controlled environments, alarm management
Integration with CCTV systems
historical data archived and available for subsequent analysis and checks

Environmental comfort and energy savings:

lights and climate control (cooling / heating) with automatic management according to people in the different environments.
Rules of configurable management.
Creating profiles for customized management for different users.
modular and configurable system for large and small installations.
The system architecture is based on a series of devices (concentrators, detectors, actuators, RFID and biometric readers) that may be composed in a flexible way for the realization of any type of plant.

Terminal access control:

memory 512 Kbyte RAM with battery backup lithium battery 10 years.
TCP-IP Ethernet communication 10/100 Mbts integrated.
N. 1 Relay 24 V 1 A max. for implementation (gap, siren, etc.). planet_inside3
Interfaces to display device management and keyboard max. 2 Proximity Readers and / or connectable Magnetic.
Real time Clock accuracy 10 ppm.
Power 9-12 VDC +/- 10%. + Interface for battery charging 7.2V 1500 mAh
The equipment designed to solve the customer’s problems but also those installer allow an immediate saving, in particular in the installation costs, and a saving in time, for reliability and ease of maintenance.
Specifications are not the only determining factor in a product of this kind. On the peripheral control units of a machine (firmware program is installed) that allows the local operation even in the absence of communication with the PC (which is present in the management software). The Proietti Planet units are complete terminals on which you can set all communication parameters, types of connected players, the gates to be controlled, the time profiles and user days to make the transit, the alarms to be transmitted to the PC. The machine (firmware program) is constantly strengthened and perfected and can also be updated on the already installed units without the need to intervene physically, but operating from the PC to which they are connected (firmware download).

The concept of progressive degradation.
In the design of the components of the building automation system of Proietti Planet it has set the maximum attention on the reliability of operation in critical condition. however, not being able to exclude the possibility of malfunction of the devices, has created a network can also operate with some parts of the system out of service; this is made possible by the distribution of intelligence in the individual components that despite being in real-time link with the host, at the same time are able to act independently even in the absence of information from the host or the other apparatuses.