COSMO -Touch: ARM terminal with touch screen 7 ”

COSMO is a complete and technologically advanced terminal for data collection in the workplace. Based on ARM technology comes with Linux operating system, it allows to exploit adequately the continuous and fast-paced developments in computer technology and ensures an investment that will last over time. The careful analysis and design have made COSMO a highly configurable tool, durable and suitable for any environment. COSMO is designed to do Attendance and Access Control, Info Point, Home Automation, and all the field data collection applications, providing information and running electrical controls. Its most important feature is the powerful ARM microprocessor and the Linux operating system that make it a perfectly inserted in the company’s IT structure device.

Web server and built-in browser:

  • Microprocessor ARM Cortex A8, 32-bit;cosmo
  • Memory Program 512 MByte DDR3 buffered with CR2032 lithium battery; cosmos
  • Data flash memory stick micro-SD card 4 GByte;
  • display Chart 7 “16/9, 800×480 pixels, 256K colors, LED backlight;
  • Resistive-touch screen configurable and programmable;
  • Altoparlante With the possibility of speech;
  • N. 2 programmable Front LEDs;
  • Comunicazioni: 1 Ethernet TCP-IP 10/100 Mbps; n. 2 USB Host; n. 3 configurable serial;
  • N. 1 output relay (NO / NC) + n. Relay 1 and 2 configurable digital inputs (optional);
  • Local -Bus Peripheral Management Control online access “Sesame”: up to 8 + 8 devices;
  • Power supply: 100/240 Vac; PoE; 10 / 30Vdc; + Ni-Mh battery 1,6Ah;
  • Cash In ABS with no metal parts in contact with seals for leaks;
  • Dimensions: 220/250 x 145 x 90 mm.


COSMO -trƐ: ARM terminal with color display 3.5 “and keyboard

It differs from the display, always in color but COSMO-Touch 3.5 inch, for the keyboard that is 21 membrane keys (with 5 functional keys) and, of course, the price. Excluding the Web Browser and functionality “bulletin board” (for obvious reasons the display) all the characteristics and potential of the COSMO-Touch is also available on COSMO -trƐ; why COSMO -trƐ born with already high reliability derived from experience with COSMO-Touch that already has hundreds of installations.

-Display Color 3.5 “320 × 240 pixels
-Keyboard Membrane 21 keys with facilitation for the blind



COSMO -trƐ.L2: Terminal display 3.5 “and double 125KHz with two antennas (two-way).