Queue management systems

Management system multi-service queues, to the sorting requirements of direct users to two or more services (up to a max of 32) over one or more dedicated counters for each service. Its operation is based on the distribution of numbered tickets for the service booking and the visualization on luminous displays of the tail disposal sistuazione room in real time.

The system is composed by:
– A central unit CSL / ECM
The central unit allows the system configuration, interface to the PC and analysis of statistical data through WinECM management software.
WinECM The software also allows the unloading and storage of plant events on PC, real-time management of the plant in all its components, the analysis and generation of statistical data, the ability to analyze historical data days or earlier periods.
– One or more CSD-H operator console
The operator console allows you to perform common system administration tasks, such as a user’s ticket / confirmation call or redial / cancellation or put in PAUSE / CLOSE door / editing in real time of their service and services alternative / evolution in the tail on their service and the other services / signaling people “CODA” at your service / monitoring of a service not assigned with code / users hijack alarm signal in case of formation
– One or more viewers of the waiting room VSA
The hall display serves to indicate to the user the position of the tail disposal, displaying the calls made by the branches. Near the ticket number called appears the number of the caller’s door; an acoustic signal (buzzer) is activated at each call to call the user’s attention, and also can set the flashing of the call on the display for a certain period of time. The waiting area displays are available in different models according to the number of branches and to manage ticket.

In the door you can install a viewer of 3D VSP door that serves to visually indicate to the user the door to which they must walk. The display also serves to highlight the status of the door on which it is installed, in abse the information displayed:
– The operator calls a user:
the window display VSP shows the number of flashing ticket
– The operator confirms the user’s arrival at the counter:
the display counter displays the number of the hard ticket (not flashing)
– The operator closes the door:
the counter display goes off