Computerization business keys

The intelligent solution for the provision of more people with keys withdrawal allowed only to persons authorized and identified.
A system that allows total control, recording withdrawals and being able to see from a distance the available keys.


  • SAFETY authorized withdrawals only:
    Each user can be authorized to take certain keys only,
    possibly only during certain hours.
  • MONITORING know who and when picks:
    This way, if a key is not stored in the Teka, you know who
    It is in possession at that time.
  • PRACTICAL remote verification keys available:
    Knowing if a key and ‘available or if’ already ‘been taken, even
    without having to physically visit the place.
  • FLEXIBILITY ‘modular and expandable:
    It can also start from a single key, allowing it to be
    subsequently expanded if the number of keys to be managed
    He was to increase. Also it allows you to better distribute the points
    Key collection: for example each department might have a Teka
    for their own keys.