Planet Time Go

Simplicity and efficiency for everyone

Planet Time GO! It is an innovative software, comprehensive and flexible. One of the few products on the market, able to satisfy the needs of both public entities and private companies to manage, in a simple but effective, the data of attendance.

Based on the time records made on attendance terminals, working hours entered manually by the operator or assigned automatically by the software to a specific group of employees, the Planet Time GO! shall rebuild the tag of each individual employee. Then, with the inclusion of supporting of absence (holidays, sick leave, permits, etc.) And the subsequent processing, you get the results of hours worked divided under various headings presence and absence (regular, overtime, holidays, leaves , disease, etc.).

The strength of this software is certainly the part relating to the calculation engine configuration. Through the many parameters available (stamping type, rounding, reports, anomalies, shifts, flexibility of hours, rework, totalizer, etc..) Is able to handle the various requirements automatically for each institution or private company.

Thanks to the MDI, it is possible to simultaneously open different views (organization chart, the day view, more cards of the same employees, etc.) With the possibility, for the operator to make comparisons and immediate feedback.

The base module

Master data – Manage the strictly personal data (name, surname, address, photos, etc.) And a set of parameters for processing the tags (time profile, shifts, badge, identification number, etc.).
the various types of presence are also managed (obligation stamping, presence, free from stamping).
The base module is the heart of the program: typically is intended for office human resources for software configuration and management / data processing and system administrator for customization of the software and profiling of users.

User CFG – The Planet Time GO! It provides for the configuration of an unlimited number of users and the creation of as many user groups. In the constitution of each user group, you can define the functions to be assigned to users in the group and the level of expertise of the group: for each user can specify the target (group of master data) on which to exercise features enabled.

Times – The amount and flexibility of available calculation parameters, enable configuration of any type of working hours (rigid, elastic and flexible schemes that provide real and virtual stampings, rounding on the stampings, on the mountain daily hours and the extraordinary , etc.). The number of configurable schedules is unlimited.
Card – The card of the monthly management of individual employee, is contained in a single form that allows you to have an overview of all important data: stampings, supporting, results, canteen meals, was the day, food stamps, and totalizer more.
The days with abnormalities are highlighted operator through colors and icons that allow you to assess at a glance the severity (customizable) thereof and, in the case, to quickly take action to redress the situation.
The number of clock-ins allowed on single day is potentially unlimited, as well as the number of supporting and voices.
Any booking records entered and / or changed by the operator are highlighted. The original booking records are always preserved, to get immediate feedback of the actual situation.

Planning – The management of planning, “binding” or not, it lets you manage your scheduled shifts of diversity shifts of occasional type, unforeseen and unforeseeable directly into the time profile assigned to the individual employee. The feature also allows you to import the hourly schedule information and scheduling absences automatically, directly from any other software in charge of the management of shifts as well as a simple Excel file.

Counters – It ‘features a fully configurable according to the needs of the customer that allows you to monitor the progressive course of some values.
Some typical examples of using the counters are:
– Flexibility and hours Bank: with evaluation of any carry-on / to month / the next / s and use and recovery of the same;
– Counter holiday
– ROL (reduction of working hours)
– Law 104
– etc.
Counters may be freely associated to some or all employees. And ‘possible to create specific totalizer for specific employees and decide which totalizer to be printed on the tag.

Processing and prints – The data processing process, starting from the time records, and by supporting the employee’s time profile, producing entries resulting.
If the program detects an abnormal situation, the source of the error, and then allowing the operator to intervene with extreme simplicity bearing an appropriate signaling is generated in a descriptive way to correct the situation.
The program includes an extensive set of prints that will produce all the documentation necessary for the proper management of the office staff and, of course, the ability to customize them according to the specific needs Ente. All the prints produced are exported in the most known file formats (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .csv, .txt, .dif, .odt, .xml) and others.

Prospects – E ‘available a large number of summary statements that allows you to keep tabs on the main data of the procedure: stampings, causal type terminal, times assigned, supporting inserted in the card, was the preparation, hourly, monthly and annual results .
All forms of this family, share the same graphical approach and the ability to make prints that are particularly rich in information. Printing of times assigned to a department, for example, can be used to notify the head of the same department, the organization of shifts for a month. From any prospect, also, you can also call the single day in order to proceed with any changes. All statements, as represented in the form of grid, can be exported natively in .xls format.

Total of period – This is a determining function for the purposes of a body or private company management control, whatever its size. At any moment you can carry out checks on the results of admissions to evaluate, for example, the amount of overtime divided by type (day, festive, night or weekend night) and grouped by sector.
The filter allows you to manage different parameters: items to be included, managing to days or hours, or values expressed in sessagesimi cents, the reference period, inclusion of the organization chart or not, general or total level, grouping of items.
E ‘can, for example, use the totals of the period to extract directly the presence percentage / absence, by sector / service that each public body is required to publish every month on its website. In addition, with proper configuration, you can pull in a simple and immediate data on attendance for the publication of the financial statements. All on-screen results, as indeed all the prints and the reports generated by the Planet Time GO !, can be exported to spreadsheet to allow subsequent and further evaluations.

Supporting – Supporting represent a crucial aspect in a program for attendance management: most of the time that an operator dedicated to the procedure, is often used in the insertion of supporting ranging heal processing abnormalities in case of permits, holidays, diseases and other events beyond the standard behavior expected from the employee profile.
To cover all possible needs, we were introduced various types of documentary evidence and the ability to assign supporting, massively, to all selected employees, for a number of selected dates on an interactive calendar. A special form will handle the supporting based on a series of parameters, ranging from the type of supporting itself, assigned to the voice type, the relevant period to the range of hourly assignment and / or the assigned amount.

periodic revisions – It ‘a powerful macro programming tool that can be used at numerous points of the calculation that lets you greatly customize the client program on demand, simply by configuring the instrument, without the need for structural customization of the procedure and therefore envisage additional costs and / or waiting times necessary for any software development.
By reworking you can generate new voices, transform or merge the existing entries, or convert and recalculate the initial rumors that a scheme based on user-defined rules and conditions.
The reference periods for the execution of rework can be freely set (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.).
The revisions are also usable on totalizer, allowing to make all evaluations and recalculations appropriate, necessary when you go to consider closures of the month. Taking into account that both counters which rework can be assigned separately to each employee, you understand the enormous potential of the determination of the results by the Planet Time GO !.
The rework, as well as recalculation systematic monthly, weekly, etc., Can be associated and performed automatically in:
– Working hours (eg .: recalculation of the amount of flexibility through the morning’s work, starting from the possible afternoon’s work)
– A specific day (ie .: the availability management of the token generation due to the employee for that day is on call)
– Causal typed on the terminal in conjunction with stampings (eg .: reclassification of hours in excess of the daily service hours into overtime to particular project)
– Totalizer (eg .: if the hours preceding the month debt not recovered are reported as hours to be recovered from salary only for the integer part, while the remaining minutes are moved in a tank or the following month)
– Dependent (eg .: a place of time equal to an employee you have to calculate an allowance while another employee not)

The export file Form payroll
The module is used to interface the Planet Time GO! the payroll program used on the farm or from the payroll consultant. This is made possible by the combination of the items generated with those on the payroll software.
It will also handle the export of counters, to sum items, totalizing and information necessary for the Single Employment Ledger (LUL).
For companies and for payroll consultants the benefits of using payroll exports are manifold:
• There is no longer the need for an operator to manually type in the data for the generation of slips, and also avoid making mistakes.
• Total elimination of paper documents needed to transfer data from the detection system to the payroll attendance program, since all the necessary information is contained in a file.