ERMES is a complete time and attendance system (download the brochure here). Easy to install and immediately ready for use. ERMES integrates all of the most advanced data collection technology in a form that enhances the ease of use and functionality.

    Data transmission customizable: Choose from different data transmission mode that best suits your needs (Ethernet, GSM, USB).

    Reader proximity cards: No contact, no wear, no routine maintenance.

    attendance management software: Detection of stampings and calculation of the card in real time, direct interface to the most common payroll programs, definition of groups hours for the management of shifts and different types of personnel.

    RFID badge reader: Stamping has never been so simple. Simply clock badge. The badge code is unique and not reproducible. It is not subject to wear it requires routine maintenance activities.

    On the PC in real time: The watch, always connected to the PC, allowing immediate transmission of stamping to the control software that makes it the storage returning the card to date in real time.

    Available in English, French and Spanish

  • Ermes Ethernet

    Ermes Ethernet




    Ermes USB

    Ermes USB




    Ermes Gsm

    Ermes Gsm