Echo (Terminal Data Collection)

  • The terminal Echo¬†represents the optimal solution for every need in the data collection, and for the many benefits that for the reliability of their equipment designed with the most advanced technology. A product very reliable and safe in all conditions, combining high technical design aesthetics simple and rational making it suitable for any environment and application.

    • It can reach a degree of protection IP65
    • There are two types of displays (alphanumeric and graphical).
    • It integrates magnetic readers, RFID, optical, biometric.
    • It can be customized aesthetically
    • It has the ethernet communication “native”.
    • It has indoor optional peripherals such as analog modems and GSM / GPRS, Wi-Fi, FM radio.
    • It has tamper anti burglary.
    • It has a high structural strength with self-extinguishing ABS case.
    • It has a high reliability, electrical and mechanical strength security.
    • It has a membrane keypad with tactile and audible effect.
    • Can control external devices (input and output).
    • It is feeding in direct and alternating current.
    • And so much more…

    Application areas:

    • Attendance and Access Control.
    • Controlling production progress.
    • Tracking people, materials, vehicles.
    • Security and automation of buildings and areas.
    • School canteens and company.
    • E-money and prepaid.
    • device control (pumps, dispensers, scales).
    • Special systems for data collection and monitoring.

    ECHO Basic
    with its advanced features, it is a benchmark for the price / performance ratio. E ‘it equipped with an alphanumeric display of high readability and features all the functionality required for a data collection terminal.

    ECHO Graphic
    with its graphic display 64×128 pixels and the many features available, it is a product able to perform all the required functionality to a data collection terminal in the various application areas.

    ECHO Graphic F
    It has a fingerprint reader capable of operating in stand-alone or in combination with a transponder badge.

    Technical features:

    • RAM Memory: 512 Kbyte buffer.
    • Flash memory: 1 Mbyte.
    • Clock: Real Time Clock accuracy 10 ppm.
    • LCD display: Basic Version: 2×16 backlit alphanumeric.
    • Graphic version: 64×128 backlit graphic.
    • Clicks: bidirectional Magnetic, RFID mono and two-way, two-way optical, finger print (also combined).
    • Keyboard: Membrane 20 keys.
    • Audible alarm: Buzzer.
    • Output: 1 relay 1A 24V with NA-NC and implementation electric lock + 1 optional
    • Input: No. 2 digital TTL CMOS including 1 ultra-fast (optional).
    • Communication: Ethernet 10/100 on board (TCP-IP) + (depending on the options installed): Serial RS232 / RS485 (up to 3 simultaneously), Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b, analog modem, GSM / GPRS modem, FM radio 868 MHz (EU) and 915 MHz (USA).
    • Tamper antiefrazione: microswitch.
    • Power: 2 Vac-dc +/- 10% + backup battery Ni-Mh 7.2V 1.500mAh.
    • Structure: self-extinguishing polycarbonate, O-ring seal, insignia of customizable coverage.
    • Dimensions: cm. 22.0 / 25.0 x 14.5 x 9.0

    ECHO is an electronic device dedicated to data collection in the workplace: attendance management, access control, feed production data collection are the classic applications in which it is used. Despite its compactness and simplicity, ECHO is a complete terminal that meets all the requirements that these applications behave. The careful analysis and design have made ECHO tool easy to install and suitable for any environment



    Echo Graphic F

    Echo Basic M